Nanotechnology is the 2000s new technological revolution. Nanotechnology will change our daily lives in the treatment of all types of materials.
Nano means one-billionth, and a nanometer (nm) is so small that it can not be seen in an ordinary microscope. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology involves studying and tailoring material structures in the order of 1 to 100 nm (for comparison is an atom of about 0.2 nanometers large).

Nanotechnology – Lotus Effect
Scientists have, for example, studied the näckrosliknande lotus plants’ properties to save us time during cleaning. How dirty water than is in the lake, it remains their leaves are always spotlessly clean. No bacteria or dirt attaches to the leaves. Lotus leaves are fitted with so-called microscopic spikes that stand out. This means that water can not penetrate between but settles above on. On a regular face floating drops of water like a movie. Through special physical conditions, the leaf water repellent. Instead, the water drop look like a sphere and have hardly any contact with the blade resulting in the rollers and remove soil and bacteria (the snowball effect.)
Nowadays you can reproduce the lotus effect by building in different materials at the atomic level.
New nanostructures are created by moving around in atoms (nature’s building blocks) and molecules.
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nanoparticle technology.

Nano Pro is a product that breathes but does not let in moisture or humidity.
There is also a protection against dirt and easy to maintain. Have you dealt with any surface with Nano Pro so you only need to wash off with water or with very little detergent.
It also protects against fungus, mold, moss and bacteria. It also removes bad odor. It is more than a product and it does not take much to treat a surface. A surface that has been treated with a long shelf life.

Why Nano?
All those who have high demands on the environment, cleaning and hygiene is recommended to use our products.
Significant inbesparning of cleaning agents, the result of using our products.
These benefits do you get if you seal with nano products: no mold growth, better hygiene,
avoid spots on as textiles, protects against wind and weather, treated surfaces stay cleaner for a longer time, protects against scratches, antividhäftnings effect, all sealed surfaces retains its properties , completely transparent, environmentally friendly, easy to clean, longer intervals between cleanings,